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Therapeutic & Sports Massage 

Sports Massage often referred to as deep tissue goes hand in hand with most atheltic requirements. Whether that's working on rehabiliation or general maintenance. Regular sports masaage is key to injury prevention, flushing out metabolic waste products to enable faster recovery and above all a sense of well-being. 
Massage can fall into two categories Sports (Deep Tissue) which covers myofascial release such as working on the ITB and trigger points to release knots or collective muscle tissue. Therapeutic for those who enjoy an all over body massage to help relieve themselevs of stress but is generally not as hard on the body as a deep tissue.The pressure or how hard the massage is governed by you the client, we will continually ask whether that pressue is ok, ofwhich you can inform it's ok or if you would like it more intense. 
Lastly there is pre-competition massage which is fast effleuage to warm up the tissues, muscle , tendons in preparation for sporting activity.  
We normally recommend not having a deep tissue massage 48-72 hours before a big event as the muscles can get some superfiscial damage and will need to repair and settle down to perform optimumly. 
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