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The importance of eating a well balanced diet is often misunderstood, ignored or toally off kilter. Food can bring healing properties, renourish our muscles, repair, renergise. What you put into your body make s a big difference to how your body can perform whether it's high stress management or pushing your body to extremes in training, food and hormonal responses are closely linked. 
The consumption of food and its constituent parts such as Macro Nutrients, and Nutrient Timing is vital not only for athletes but also for the people that want to lose weight as their primary focus, we don't believe there is a pill to help or a short quick fix. It takes dedication and focus! 
We will help you to achieve your diet goals by giving you a diet/nutrition training plan, ofwhich we can monitor and asses, again this feels a little invasive at first but it truly is a powerful tool having someone watching over your daily/weekly/monthly consumption. 
We have the tools and understanding to help you reach weight loss safely, we help to educate about the process of food, when to eat, what to eat and how different foods affect our bodies. Sometimes this is useful and sometimes this is detrimental. We will create you a food plan and diary, but more important we will be with you to guide you and make long term losses that wont just rebound back on! 

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