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No doubt you have heard the term VO2max, yet most athletes know very little about understanding  
the true definition and real potential to knowing what your current VO2max is and monitor how far you can go to improving this, VO2max is a marker of where your fitness currently is in any point in time. We are looking for markers in the test to help get your training performed efficiently. 
We use a specialist medical equipment that anaylises your breathing whilst performance a bike test, the equipement is highly sensitive and will measure the Frequency, Depth, Ventillation, Heart Rate, expired Oxygen, it also meausre the aboslute and relative amount of oxygen being used. This is the gold standard in asessing an athletes performance. We use this data to capture and remeasure regularly to ensure that your areas of strength and weaknesses are being worked correctly. 
You will be told your FTP, VO2max in relative and absolute figures, what this all means and how having a VO2max is an essential marker for athletic peformance. 
VO2max is the best way to test and retest given it is such a short duration typically lasting between 8-12mins, you can get absolutely everything out! Your VO2 capability is measured to identify not only efficient you are at given power/cadence/HR but also where your peak occurs. Regular monitoring of this is important to ensure the training plan has worked the right areas but also gives you small goals and stepping stones toward your annual A or B goal events. 
If you want to understand more about how good the testing is, and how you can benefit then please get in tough for an informal chat. 

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