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Physiology Testing - VO2max 

Brivelo is the first choice in cycling coaching and why so many athletes come to train with us. Most coaching companies want to sell you a standard training plan, with limited custom interaction. We have experience in Time trialling, Road Racing, Criteriums and understand what is required to get results...We are not only your Coach but Athletes also, we feel this makes a difference in understanding your pain and the efforts you have to put in. 

We believe VO2 testing offers a unique approach to identifying your strengths and weaknesses, the testing is a fastrack scientific way of looking at your physiology. We take the guess work out of it and measure it! With our experience working with high level athletes across multi-discpline sports we know exactly how to improve your physiology. We bring it all together for you to enhance your ability to ultimately cycle faster and smarter! 
Upon our first meeting we will have a consultation and will go through the forms we ask you to complete prior to us meeting. We will undertake several tests which include your resting metabolic rate RMR, VO2max, FTP marker. You will also get your unique Training Zones for Heart rate and Power. We will then upload your Training Plan to Training Peaks, you will then be expected to undertake the training and complete the plan as best as you can. We will routinely check your training sessions, and leave any comments and feedback based on what we have seen. The idea here is to allow the plan to be more flexible, so we can adapt it if we need to accordingly, rather than waiting 7 weeks. We expect to see you on the 7th week for continued testing, and your next personal 6 week plan will be delivered based off the test results. 
By analysing expired gases we can identify the critical point known as the anaerobic threshold (AT). The AT is crucial for development of accurate heart rate zones and training parameters. Most athletes call it FTP or functional Threshold Power...knowing this key number is useful in so many ways. 
Utilizing the information from the VO2 max test we can identify the most appropriate training intensity and type of training for you specifically. If you would like to improve your ability to deal with lactate or train within an 'intensity zone' that primarily uses fat as an energy source, this test can provide the information required. 
A complete VO2 Metabolic Test including both a Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Test and an Exercise Metabolic Test (EMT) using our State of the Art equipemtn and Wattbike . This is the perfect test for all cyclists, triathletes, team players and most fitness enthusiast’s. 
The tests will give you: 
Exact Heart Rate Training Zones – Smarter training for your cycling, triathlon, team sports and fitness training. 
Vo2 (Volume of Oxygen) Peak – This is used to rate your current level of fitness and is the peak amount of oxygen you get into your system during the test. 
Fat Burning Optimum Heart Rates – You will find out what heart rates you burn the most “bodyfat” as an energy source. 
Aerobic Baseline – Your current aerobic capacity and a plan on how to improve that. We will show you how to burn more “bodyfat” at higher heart rates (more calories burned) improving fitness and racing performance. 
Exact Anaerobic Threshold – The point at which you start work with less oxygen and burn more sugar during higher intensity training. 
RMR Fat Burning Efficiency – You will find out what heart rates you burn the most “bodyfat” as an energy source. 
Daily Calorific Burn – The amount of calories your body currently burns at rest and the type of fuel mixture (Fats v Carbs)being burned. You will be totally set in knowing how to optimize your diet and nutrition. 
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