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If you are looking to improve your cycling and triathlon performances, then we have the perfect team for you. our personal coaching packages differ from other providers in that we use our sports science knowledge and testing facilities to tailor your training plans. 

Personal coaching is lead by Anthony Batt who is a road and time trial cyclist, and experienced triathlon coach. He has a great range of experience working with novices through to elite athletes and can help you to gain your peak level of fitness.  
Pricing Details are listed below: 
Initial Consultation - £200 (inc Physiology Tests, 6wk personal plan) 
Retest every 7th week - £120 
Retest every 7th week - £160. 
VO2 Max testing 
A complete Exercise Metabolic Test (EMT) using your bicycle. This is the perfect test for all cyclists, triathletes, and most fitness enthusiast’s or people looking to lose weight. It is the only true method to assessing your personal fitness level by measuring your oxygen uptake to give you your exact heart rate training zones! 
The tests will give you: 
Exact Heart Rate Training Zones – Smarter training for your cycling, triathlon, team sports and fitness training. 
Vo2 (Volume of Oxygen) Peak – This is used to rate your current level of fitness and is the peak amount of oxygen you get into your system during the test. 
Fat Burning Optimum Heart Rates – You will find out what heart rates you burn the most “bodyfat” as an energy source. 
Aerobic Baseline – Your current aerobic capacity and a plan on how to improve that. We will show you how to burn more “bodyfat” at higher heart rates (more calories burned) improving fitness and racing performance. 
Exact Anaerobic Threshold – The point at which you start work with less oxygen and burn more sugar during higher intensity training. 
Daily Calorific Burn – The amount of calories your body currently burns at rest and the type of fuel mixture (Fats v Carbs)being burned. You will be totally set in knowing how to optimize your diet and nutrition. 
Training Plans 
Custom Training plans are based on a combination of your VO2 max test results, your specific targets, work committments and Power profiling test. All of this information is used to create the tailored plan you will need to give your training the corect structure, to ensure you are training in the right zones, specificity and efficiency. 
You will gain a better understanding of what your own personal limits are currently, and this line should be ever evolving to see improvements. 
You will be targeting specific physiological areas such as Base Building, endurance, Strength, Speed, Threshold. These all play pivotal roles in your development and areas that all need to be targeted specifically for improvements. 
Join the Club.... 
Want to join a cycling club that is fresh, dynamic and can focus their attention on your improvements. At Brivelo we want to offer the athlete the best solution, with as minimal hassle free environment. Contact us for more details about joining and ordering club kit. We are focusing on developing a competitive racing team from 2015 onwards. 
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