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Which camp is right for me? 
We have designed the camps to allow some periodisation, such as building big aerobic base miles, followed up with a specific training camp and to end it with a Pro experience...this mimics very closely the demands of bringing your fitness into peak performance. 
The camps are not based on ability, because most of the specific sessions will be about your own ability, everyone rides at different abilities so the camps are designed to accommodate this and will allow set pieces for you to perform the session at your own pace, then regroup and ride together. The camps are designed more around what you as an individual want to experience...think the of the 3 camps as a progressive sliding rule, Endurance being about climbing and spending lots of hours riding, Training Specific will be catered for events such as Road racers, Crits, Time Triallist, Sportive riders and Tri-Athletes, so this is a step up in intensity more than endurance. The Pro Experience is a few levels up once again offering all of the above but with the added advantage of Sleeping at altitude for the best marginal gains! 
How fit do I need to be? 
If you can manage 2 hour rides on your own, then you will be fine. We aim to stop every 2 hours for refreshment, this will allow you to restore your glycogen levels an tackle another 2 hours. 
There is not much flat in Tenerife, it's either usually up or down, there is routes we have chosen to be more undulating to allow a constant moving pace. 
Can I get some personal training advise before I go to a camp? 
Of course please feel free to contact Brivelo for a personal physiology test, we can test you for your personal training zones in Heart Rate and Power which will be useful for when you are on the camps, as we will be asking you to ride at certain zones! 
Can I hire a bike? 
Yes - Details of this can be found along with pricing on the page titled Camp Details 
Can I hire a Power meter? 
Yes - Details of this can be found along with pricing on the page titled Camp Details 
What do you cover in the seminars? 
We offer advice on improving you as an athlete, working towards your goals and achieving those goals. We also run a separate session on Nutrition and Nutrient timing such as the importance of Protein. 
In addition to these will run practical workshops that include group foam roller sessions and a Core workout session. 
What is the weather like in Dec? 
Typically the weather in December averages 17°C, with average highs of 20°C. 
Transfers included? 
Yes we will provide collection from the airport to the hotel, and drop you back to the airport from the hotel on your return day. Bikes are also included in the transfers. 
What happens if I get lost? 
If you do get lost, you will be given a welcome pack that contains all staff mobile phone numbers. We will also provide you will GPS data to upload to your Garmin head units etc so you can follow instructions. 
We do not want to lose anyone, and will always wait for everyone before we restart. 
How many stops do we have? 
Depending on the camp you select, please check the camp detail page for more specifics. 
Can I ride in trainers? 
No. We also do not recommend flat pedals. 
Ideally you will need clipless pedals or the bare minimum should be toe-strap pedals as locking in helps engage the climbing muscles and is more efficient way to pedal as a whole. 
What equipment will I need to bring? 
We will send you a full check list of items to bring in the booking confirmation email, but the minimum should be: 
• Helmet (Compulsory) 
• Glasses 
• Gloves 
• Cycling Shoes 
• Good quality Bib Shorts and Jersey 
• Base Layer 
• Rain cape 
• Arm & Leg warmers 
• Your pedals 
• Your bike if not hiring 
• Day bag such as rucksack to leave these items in the Van. 
Will you have a toolkit? 
We have a full Park Tool kit Professional available for use, along with bike stand. 
We will have also spare wheel front and back with aluminium rims, that cater for 10 and 11speed shimano and campag...this will be temporary use until we get your tyre/wheel repaired. 
We also have Di2 Chargers available to use. 
What insurance will I need? 
We will require you to bring a copy of your insurance with you, we recommend going through a party such as, you can get a minimum 1 week cover for about £20. 
What food is included on the day? 
We will have branded carbohydrate drink, plenty of water, along with Energy Bars, bananas, peanuts, and some other local delicacies. The hotel will have all the nourishing macronutrients you need to recover and refuel during breakfast and dinner. 
Where do I fly from and to? 
You will need to arrive at Tenerife South Airport, UK airports are: 
• Gatwick – BA, Thomson, Thomas Cook, Easyjet, WOW Air, Norwegian, Monarch 
• Stansted - Ryanair 
• Birmingham -Monarch, Thomson, Ryanair, Thomas Cook 
• Luton – Monarch, Ryanair, Thomson 
• Liverpool – Ryanair 
• Leeds – Jet 2, Ryanair, Easyjet, Thomson, Thomas Cook 
• Manchester – Thomson, Thomas Cook, Monarch 
• Newcastle – Thomson, Thomas Cook, Jet2 
• Edinburgh – Easyjet, Ryanair 
• Glasgow – Jet2, Thomson, Thomas Cook 
• Bristol – Easyjet, Thomson, Ryanair 
• Dublin – AirLingus, Ryanair 
• Belfast - Jet2, Thomas Cook, Thomson 
How many people will be on the camps? 
We have restricted the max size of the group to 20 riders, this will be split into two groups of 10. We want everyone to have a personal and thorough experience. 
How does the Room Supplement work? 
A room supplement is when you might want to have a room to yourself, so you can pay the balance of the supplement to have a personal room. 
The prices indicated are based on 2 people sharing, therefore if you are travelling with a friend then please specify who you would like to share with if it is not obvious to us such as married couples. 
If you are happy to share, then we will do our best to share you with same sex and similar age where possible. 
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